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Key Features

ThreeWings Photo Clipping Path Services

Cropping, rotating/straightening

If you have images for your online website that require resizing, change of background etc.., then this is your one stop shop. Simply upload your images and select the service

Background Replacement

Our Image Background Replacement service is unique to anything else on the market!

Product Photo Retouching

The images of the products that you want to sell should be appealing enough to make an impact on the minds of your prospective customers. Buying a product online is putting your money on something

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Background Replacing Services

Background makes the picture beautiful and attractive, so there are lots of time when it is required to remove a background or to add a background to increase its aesthetic value.

But it is not just a simple replacing of background , its needed lots of attention while working because sometime it is quite difficult to differentiate between the pixels of fore ground and back ground.
Handling such challenges with ease and care are everyday tasks handled by Photoshop professionals at ThreeWings.

Our professional are highly experienced with all the tools which are often used in background replacing:-

  • Using Background Eraser Tool to remove photo background
  • Using Channel Mask to remove background of an image
  • Removing background with Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Removing background with Pen Tool
  • Using lasso Tool to remove photo background

ThreeWings Offered You

Cutting out of the images:

The experts at ThreeWings would trace the product picture from the original source and place it on suitable backgrounds. We also work upon the color and clarity of your images.

Image resizing:

Our dedicated team works on low resolution images of your products and makes them infinitely better. We can make the image fit in various size options like thumbnail, zoom, etc.

Lighting and color correction:

We work towards coloring the images of your products as per your specifications which includes brightening and other tone adjustments.

Removal of unwanted elements:

We ensure that all the unwanted elements and objects are tactfully eliminated from the images of your product along with rebuilding the blank area.

background Remove background Remove

Our Other Services

  • Change sky in Photoshop

  • Add sky in Photoshop

  • Color Correction

  • Removal of unwanted parts

  • Lens correction

  • Removal of Reflections

  • Real Estate Virtual Tour

  • Image Cropping & Rotation

  • Resizing of Images

  • Adjusting brightness & Contrast

  • Portrait Services

  • Removal of Flashes
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What Our Customers Say

“ I was searching for a best photo editor
on the internet, and I came to know about three wings web services. At first I had
given them two photos for retouching
and I was totally surprised by there work. They are just fabulous. After that I always give my any photo to them for any kind of work.”

Robert white

Professional Photographer

“ Thank you so much , I thought I have
lost my beautiful pictures once I had
captured .You have not just recovered my torn damaged photo but also you have
made them perfect than ever. I would like to work with you again.”

Anna Smith

Professional Photographer

What a great job you people have done,
you people have made my picture into
what I exactly wanted in perfect size and perfect form. Your amendments look
so natural and flawless. And also thanks
for your timely work.”

William frazer

Owner ,Real state company

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